Together We Can Save Many – Separately We are Dead

In the initial content I failed to communicate a critical point. Together we can apply pressure, through non-violent civil action, to force our governments to become “our” governments, to serve us and then to force changes that can reduce climate change and save many lives.

This slight possibility depends on open action from many. The military, police and all of the surveillance would not and could not stop a massive, non-violet movement of the people to save their children that is backed by a majority of society. This requires that rapidly more and more people are openly discussing the problem, taking action or at minimum not stopping the transition.

This is not an attack on democracy. It is defense of democracy while we still have a few shreds of democracy to allow it. It must be non-violent from our side. The government has often used violence and will use violence. They will incite violence or through infiltrators do violence so they can portray us as violent and justify a brutal crackdown. This is standard practice. It happens now and will escalate.

I see no viable plans that would not be similar to what Roger Hallam has presented in his book “Common Sense for the 21st Century – Only Nonviolent Rebellion Can Now Stop Climate Breakdown and Social Collapse”. It must be non-violent, openly discussed and planned, inclusive, and focused on forcing the government to serve the people. His plan for the UK proposes a National Citizens Assembly of 1000 citizens, randomly selected from society, created independent and in parallel to the current government. A majority of the population will then support stopping business as usual, to force recognition of their authority. The people will simply refuse further support for a government that is playing this game of monopoly and taking us to our deaths. The Citizens Assembly will initiate and have final approval over legislation to start reducing the damage to our climate. Initially they will work through the existing government but ultimately make changes so it better serves the people.

This National Citizens Assembly has some similarity to trial duty. Average citizens are called to listen to evidence and make a judgment.

This is similar to prior, mostly bloodless, transitions toward democracy in the UK, first when the real power passed from the Monarchy to the aristocracy and later when the real power passed from the Lords to the Commons, a parliament of representatives elected by the people. As clearly demonstrated by the climate emergency, representative democracy is dominated by money and some form of more direct democracy is needed.

In this process, initially a minority will be blocking business as usual. They will be doing this in short bursts to start the discussion. You are correct in saying that a minority, breaking the law and blocking you from getting to work is not democratic. However, there is no other way to get the general public to stop and think about the issues and this is the only short deviation from democracy and with the clear path to democracy, like the National Citizen Assembly. The impact of stopping work for a short time is insignificant relative to the coming catastrophe. We will be loosing more than our jobs.

But, if you hesitate, refuse to be open to see a broader perspective, to take time, to take risks, and join the struggle, the few in the struggle today will be easily removed, gone. The shreds of democracy will also soon be gone. The risks will be much greater and the potential benefits greatly reduced as the environmental damage proceeds. Until we are extinct, it is not too late to help, but your slight possibilities to help our children are rapidly diminishing.

An attempt to keep a low profile will only allow you to survive to see the horrors unfold. You will be haunted by questions and anger from our children. As one child told world leaders “And if you choose to fail us, I say: We will never forgive you.”

I am taking risks so that you can be aware of your options. If you leave us standing alone, I, and later you and your children, will be gone. We are each responsible for our choices. Our children will hold us accountable.