How Do We Get Informed?

Yesterday, my wife’s nephew, a young attorney from Bogota Colombia talked about Greta Thunberg. He was passionately against her, stating that she is a spoiled, rich child only seeking fame. She should be planting trees like the humble boy from France.

It is good to plant trees, but this is an intentional deflection from our governments and fossil fuel corporations to further deceive us and avoid starting the significant changes needed to avoid climate catastrophe. It is tragic to see how quickly and effectively we can be deflected, even in a “Third World” country that has directly experienced the impact of Western governments.

As I have mentioned, in 2011 I was following the Arab Spring, both through our media and directly through twitter to people in the regions. In Pearl Roundabout in Bahrain, the Shia majority population had been peacefully assembled. The day after US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, visited the King, armored vehicles of the gulf coalition crossed the causeway from Saudi Arabia and brutally broke up the assembly, injuring and arresting many, and destroying the symbolic Pearl statue in the roundabout. When protesters sought medical attention, the security forces beat doctors and nurses at the hospital. I received the early reports from twitter and could not wait to get home and listen to National Public Radio (NPR), who had been covering the protest. NPR did not cover it. After covering Bahrain daily for weeks, they reported nothing for the next couple of weeks until finally they covered the adverse impact of protests on the financial district. The last thing from NPR before they went silent was a cartoon with the Bahrain King or Prince saying “Look at Gadafi, look at Gadafi” while several security personnel were clubbing protesters. All of them about 10% the height of the King.

I then noticed the pattern. Our media covered and praised all of the protests against governments that were not puppets of the United States, where our government was actively interfering to topple them, like Iran, Libya and later Syria. In contrast they had little or negative coverage of protests in countries with governments aligned with the United States, like Egypt and Bahrain (the port of the US 5th fleet). It was clear that we were being deceived and that the deception goes far beyond these events. This put a crack in my illusions and launched my quest to understanding our history and actions in the world.

I hope the failure of our government with the climate emergency is a wake-up for you. If more do not wake up soon, we are dead.

Many of you do not trust salesmen. You know they are influenced by making money and not necessarily communicating in your best interest. You make transactions with care and skepticism.

Our mainstream media have an even greater financial incentive. Through deceiving us they have participated in the transfer of 50% of the US wealth to 3 people and 50% of the global wealth to 26 people. Their perspectives have developed within this culture and its deceptions. Most will keep repeating the approved narratives and require no further training. They would not be hired, retained or gain access to government if they were not aligned with these approved narratives. In the rare cases that they go off coarse, they are disciplined or removed, like Chris Hedges.

I suspect that everyone has news sources that they do not trust. I encourage you to be skeptical with all.

You need to be skeptical with all online information. Most are repeating things without careful checking. It is also an active battlefield with professionals misleading us.

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